Question Paper – II

MM: 70
Q.1 The first Coffee Shop started in Paris in the year
a) 1540 AD b) 1560 AD
c) 1650 AD D) 1560 BC
Q.2 Different types of Melon are
a) Honeydew b) Cantaloupe
c) Charentaise d) All of them
Q.3 Poultries and Game birds like Chicken, Duck, Turkey and partridge are served in this course
a) Sorbet b) Savoureaux
c) Legume d) Roti
Q.4 A place where a bonafide traveler can receive food & shelter is known as
a) Inn b) Tavern
c) Hotel d) Restaurant
Q.5 1st Inns goes back to
a) 60th century BC b) 16th century BC
c) 6th century BC d) 6th century AD
Q6 Anchovies, Salmon, Tuna, Sardine are the examples of
a) Game Birds b) Ice cream
c) Continental Vegetables d) Fish
Q.7 In which service the table is set up for Horsd’oeuvres, Soup, Main course and dessert?
a) French Service b) English Service
c) American Service d) Russian Service
Q.8 A KOT has got
a) 2 copies b) 4 copies
c) 6 copies d) 3 copies
Q.9 Paintings, Chandeliers, Pelmets are the examples of
a) Furniture b) Fixture
c) Hollowware d) Flatware
Q.10 The concept of coffee shop is borrowed from
a) United Arab Emirates b) United Nations
c) United kingdom d) United States of America
Q.11 The KOT goes to
a) Kitchen b) Cashier
c) F&B Controls Department d) All of the above
Q12 A type of restaurant where the kitchen and the food preparation is visible to the guest
a) Continental restaurant b) Grill room
c) Snack bar d) Discotheque
Q.13 A round table for 2 persons should be ______________ in diameter.
a) 90 cms b) 60 cm
c) 120 cm d) 60 mm
Q.14 Creating the scene literally means
a) Table d’hote b) Mise -en scene
c) Service console d) Cart du jour
Q.15 Examples of Hors d’oeuvres are
a) Caviar b) Smoked Salmon
c) Canapes d) All of the above
Q.16 Banquet Menu is an example of
a) A’la Carte Menu b) Breakfast Menu
c) Table d’hote Menu d) None of these
Q.17 Generally there are _______________ types of services.
a) 6 b) 5
c) 4 d) 12
Q.18 Master of Ceremony is also known as
a) Master Chef b) Toast Rack
c) Master Toast d) Toast Master
Q.19 Steward is also known as
a) Waiter b) Commis de rang
c) Butler d) All of the above
Q.20 Fork is categorized under
a) cutlery b) flatware
c) hollow ware d) glass ware
Q.21 Which of the following is a banquet arrangement style
a) T b) O
c) E d) All of these
Q.22 Jam is a__________________.
a) Sauce b) Spice
b) Preserve d) None of these
Q.23 Mise en place literally means
a) to put in place b) to shift from place
c) nice place d) to clear the place
Q.24 _________________________ is an example of Restaurant fixture.
a) Side board b) Table cloth
c) Chandelier d) None of these
Q.25 Menu is said to originated in the year
a) 1451 AD b) 1541 AD
c) 1451 BC d) 1541 BC
Q.26 A fixed menu with a fixed price is known as
a) Table d’hote b) A’la Carte
c) Cart du jour e) None of these
Q.27 Menu planning done by the team of
a) Chef & General Manager b) Chef & F&B Manager
c) F&B Manager & Housekeeper d) Chef & FO Manager
Q.28 Duties of a Steward includes
a) attending briefing b) mise en place
c) Table layout d) All of the above
Q.29 Fruits & Nuts are served in the course
a) Legume b) Dessert
c) Roti d) Sorbet
Q.30 Activity which takes place before Mise en place is known as
a) Food Service b) Table layout
c) Order taking d) Mise en scene
Q.31 Brie, Camembert, Roquefort are the examples of..
a) Sweets b) Vegetables
c) Cheese d) Ice creams
Q.32 Side board is also known as
a) Service Station b) Service Console
c) Dummy Waiter d) All of the above
Q.33 ____________________ contains salt & pepper and is kept at the center of the table.
a) Bud vase b) Ash Tray
c) Cruet Set d) None of these
Q.34 American service is also known as
a) platter to plate service b) pre plated service
c) buffet service d) self service
Q.35 Following is an example of Flatware
a) Fish Knife b) Water Jug
c) Soup Spoon d) None of these
Q.36 He is responsible for a group of tables and receives approximately 20 guests.
a) Head Waiter b) Apprentice
c) Restaurant Manager d) Station Waiter
Q.37 The first Flambe dish was
a) Hamburger b) Crepe Suzette
c) Monkey Gland Steak d) Omelette au rhum
Q.38 In French, a small table with a single central pedestrian is known as
a) A’la carte service b) Russian Service
c) Gueridon Trolley d) Side Board
Q.39 The consumption of Methylated Spirit in an ordinary lamp is about
a) 25 pints / hr b) 65 ml / hr
c) 65 pints / hr d) 25 ml / hr
Q.40 Different types of Menus are
a) A’la Carte b) Table d’hote
c) Cart du jour d) All of these
Q.41 In French, Breakfast is known as
a) Petite de jeuner b) Buffet
c) Half meal d) None of these
Q.42 Different types of break fasts are
a) American b) English
c) Continental d) All of these
Q.43 The ideal temperature for storing ice cream is
a) 18°C b) -18°C
c) 180°C d) -80°C
Q.44 Sundae, Knicker bocker glory, Parfait, Strawberry are the examples of
a) Sweets b) Fruits
c) Ice creams d) None of these
Q.45 Large joints of meat are served in
a) Entre b) Roti
c) Entremets d) Releve
Q.46 Ham & Bacon is obtained from
a) Beef b) Pork
c) lamb d) Poultry
Q.47 Grilled, fried or smoked fish is served in _______________course
a) Poissson b) Potage
c) Sorbet d) Horsd’oeuvres
Q.48 Gorgonzola is an example of
a) Hard cheese b) Soft cheese
c) blue vein cheese d) Cream cheese
Q.49 All pre plated food is served from the
a) right hand side b) left hand side
c) any side d) centre
Q.50 The ____________ is served in the last
a) Guest b) Host
c) Ladies d) Children

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