The full English breakfast consists of a number of courses;
usually three or four, with a choice dishes from within each course.
The cover includes some or all of the following:
i) Side plate and side knife
ii) Fish knife and fork
iii) Joint knife and fork
iv) Soup spoon and fork
v) Tea or breakfast cereal cup, saucer and teaspoon
vi) Slop basin
vii) Tea strainer
viii) Jug of cold milk (if tea bags used – no need for stainers)
ix) Sugar cubes bowl and tongs or individual sugar packets
in a bowl, cream or coffee mate pouches
x) Butter dish on doily on an underplate with a butter knife
xi) Preserve dish on a doily on an underplate with a preserve
xii) Cruet: salt, pepper, mustard and mustard spoon
xiii) Serviette: either laid flat between the joint knife and fork
or placed on the sideplate under the side knife
xiv) Toast rack on an underplate

xv) Bread boat containing the croissant or brioche in a
serviette to keep them warm.
xvi) Stands or underplates for teapot / coffee pot and hot
water jug / hot milk jug, salt and pepper, caster,sugar in
xvii) Ashtray (depending on smoking policy)
xviii) Table number display.

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