A Stack of Plates 
A stack of plates is always carried with both
hands. Wrap your hand towel around the plates
so that you do not touch the plates with your
bare hands. Do not hold the plates against your

One Plate 
Always hold a plate between the thumb and
forefinger (index) finger. Your thumb should be
flat on the rim of the plate, pointing toward the
rim, never into the plate.

Two Plates 
Held from Below: Hold the first plate between
the thumb and index finger. The index finger is
placed slightly behind the lower rim. Slide the

second plate against the index finger and
support it with the other fingers from beneath.
Held from Above: The first plate is held with the
thumb and index finger. With that hand turned
slightly upward, balance the second plate on the
lower forearm and the ball of the thumb. Support
the upper plate with the other fingers.

Four Plates 
The procedure for carrying four plates is as
1. Seize the first plate between the thumb and
the forefinger
2. Place the second plate between the
forefinger (on the top) and the two fingers
major and ring finger (under).
3. Place the third plate over the basis of the
thumb and the little finger.
4. The fourth plate is carried in the right hand,
this will be the first plate placed on table.


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