Accompaniments are highly flavoured seasonings of various
kinds offered with certain dishes. The object of offering
accompaniments with certain dishes is to improve the flavor of the
food or to counteract its richness, eg. apple sauce with roast pork.
Many dishes have separate accompaniments and as they are
not always mentioned on the menu, the waiter must know them. He
should always have specific accompaniments ready for service at
the right time. Hot adjuncts come with the dish from the kitchen, but
cold sauces are often to be found at the buffet or sideboard. They
should be served directly with a dish to which they belong. They
should be served from the guest’s left on to the top right of his plate
(not on the rim). While serving from a sauceboat, the boat should be
on an underdish or small plate, carried on the palm of the left hand.
In serving, the sauceboat, lip should point towards the guest’s plate.

The spoon, or ladle, should be passed over the lip. Sauces are not to
be poured from a boat.

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