In many cases, especially in restaurants, serving haute
cuisine, the part or table d’hote menu is beautifully handwritten to
emphasize the traditional character of the restaurant. In less fancy
restaurants, a modern variant that is similar but simpler is often
used: the blackboard, on which are written recommendations
concerning the day’s specialties.
In general, however, the table d’hote or a part menu, which
changes daily or cyclically, is prepared in-house (on a typewriter or
computer) and duplicated as necessary. A separate menu listing the
daily specials might also be prepared. In many restaurants the table
d’hotel or a part menu and the daily specials contain only a fraction
of what is offered. Often an a la carte menu, from which the guests
can select from an array of dishes that are always available, is also
provided. If an a la carte menu is offered, the other menus are
inserted in or clipped to its folder. The daily menus may also be
placed at every seat, but in most establishments they are offered by
the service staff along with the regular a la carte menu.

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