Do’s and Dont’s of Equipment Handling

1. Dump ice out of the glass; preheat the glass before
pouring hot water. Don’t pour hot drinks in chilled or cold
2. Stack dishes according to size and kind. Never stack too
3. Handle stemmed glasses by the stem and tumblers by
the base. Never handle glasses in bouquet.
4. Remove glass / china from buspan one at a time. Don’t
unload china, glasses at random.
5. Use ice scooper for scooping ice. Never use the glass for
scooping ice.
6. Never put cutlery into glasses, put them in appropriate
7. Make sure of an adequate back-up supply of glassware
for rush periods.
8. Always be on the lookout for cracked or chipped
glassware and remove them.
9. Never allow glass-to-glass contact on overhead racks,
keep distant from each other.
10. Never overload the tray / buspan. Load only what it can
conveniently accommodate.

11. Never buss glasses in the sink. Buss them directly onto
divider racks.
12. Never stack glasses. Use trays and avoid over crowding
them to prevent breakage.

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