Sanitation Standards in Handling Service Equipment

1. Use clean and sanitized glasses, flatware, chinaware and
other equipment for service.
2. All service equipment must be wiped dry with clean cloths
to avoid watermarks. The cloths used for this purpose
must be segregated from other wiping cloths.
3. Bowls should be underlined with appropriate underliner
and never to be served with the finger touching the rim.
4. When serving straw serve them with their wrappers or in
their respective dispensers.
5. When serving additional utensils or napkin, place them in
a small plate to avoid direct contact with hand.
6. The thumb should be kept away from the plate to avoid
touching the sauce, meat or dish.
7. When setting up flatware and glasses, avoid leaving
finger marks; carry them in trays or with a cloth napkin.
8. Never serve food using cutleries that have fallen on the
9. To avoid contamination, food must be covered when it is
not served immediately.
Never serve utensils, cups, glasses or plates that are oily,
wet or with fingermarks, spots or lipstick mark.

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