1. Glassware is highly fragile and most delicate and
expensive: hence atmost care has to be taken while
handling glass equipments.
2. Glasses are normally stored in a glass pantry and should
be placed upside down in single rows on paper-lined
shelves, to prevent dust settling in them.
3. Tumblers should not be stacked inside one another as
this may result in heavy breakages and accidents.
4. The appearance of the drink mainly depends on the glass
and therefore, the glass should be sparkling clean and
attractive in shape and style.
5. When glassware is machine or hand washed, each
individual item must be polished and dried with a glass
cloth made of linen, as water leaves stains on the
6. Glasses whether clean or dirty have to be handled by the
base or stem, since the finger prints left on the glass
necessitates polishing.

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