The room service manager reports directly to the food and
beverage manager and is responsible for the room service outlet.
The room service manager checks that the service rendered to the
guests conforms to the standards set by the hotel. He also monitors
all operational aspects of the outlet such as service, billing, duty
charts, leave and absenteeism, in addition to attending to guest
complaints regarding food and service.
The room service manager is also in charge of the sales and
expenditure budget. The room service is most liable to have
problems. The room service manager should ensure coordination
among the room service order taker, the captain and the waiter. It is
necessary for the room service manager to be present in the outlet
during peak hours to interact with other departments of the hotel and
to take regular momentums of all the equipment used In the event of
the hotel offering valet service and the room service manager takes
charge of that service as well .

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