The food and beverage manager is the head of the food and
beverage service department, and is responsible for its
administrative and operational work. Food and Beverage Managers
direct, plan and control all aspects of food and beverage services.
Food and Beverage Managers require excellent sales and
customer service skills, proven human resource management skills,
and good communication and leadership skills. Desired knowledge
for this position includes knowledge of the products, services, sector,
industry and local area, and knowledge of relevant legislation and
regulations, as well. Hence it is said that food and beverage manager
is a Jack-of-all-trades, as the job covers a wide variety of
In general, food and beverage manager is responsible for:
i) Budgeting
The food and beverage manager is responsible for preparing
the budget for the department. He should ensure that each
outlet in the department achieves the estimated profit
ii) Compiling New Menus and Wine Lists
In consultation with the chef, and based on the availability of
ingredients and prevailing trends, the food and beverage
manager should update and if necessary, compile new
menus. New and updated wine lists should also be
introduced regularly.
iii) Quality Control
The food and beverage manager should ensure quality
control in terms of efficiency in all service areas, by
ascertaining that the staffs are adequately trained in keeping
with the standards of the unit.
iv) Manpower Development
The food and beverage manager is responsible for
recruitment, promotions, transfers and dismissals in the
department. He should hold regular meetings with section
heads, to ensure that both routine as well as projected
activities of the department go on as planned. He must also
give training, motivate and effectively control staff.

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