Arrack refers to the strong spirits distilled mainly in South and South East Asia from fermented fruits, grains, sugarcane, or the sap of coconuts or other palm trees. The word itself originated from the Arabic word ‘araq’, which means “juice”. The name is said to signify, in the East, any spirituous liquor; but that which usually bears this name is toddy. Generally fermented from coconut sap today, it is then distilled to produce an alcoholic beverage that tastes somewhat like something between whiskey and rum. Originally from India, where it is distilled from Kallu, Arrack is mainly produced in Sri Lanka. It is generally distilled between 37% to 50% alcohol by volume (70 to 100 proof).

Arrack is traditionally taken straight or with water. Contemporarily it also often taken with ginger ale or soda, or as a component of various cocktails.

Batavia Arrack is used as a component in herb liqueurs, bitter liqueurs, in Swedish Punsch, but also used in the confectionery industry and the flavour industry. It is said that batavia arrack has a flavour enhancing application when used as a component in other products, as it’s used in the herb and bitter liqueurs.

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