COOLER A low alcohol drink consisting of either white or red wine mixed with either 7-UP, ginger-ale, club soda and or a citrus juice. Commercially bottled coolers of the latter variety have become extremely popular in recent years.

CORDIALS Sweetened spirits distilled from fruits, seeds, herbs & peels, same as liqueur.

CREAM OF COCONUT A coconut syrup used in many exotic drinks.

CREME DE… An all-purpose term indicating a liqueur in which one flavor is dominant. flavors include almond, celery, d’anana (pineapple), noisette (hazelnut), mocha (coffee), rose (vanilla and roses), the` (tea), fraise (strawberry) and violette/yvette (violets)

CREME DE BANANA A sweet liqueur flavored with bananas.

CREME DE COCOA A rich, chocolate-flavored liqueur, made from cacao and vanilla beans, quite sweet and syrupy, available in two colors: white & brown.

CREME DE CASSIS A dark, medium-sweet liqueur flavored with black currants.

CREME DE MENTHE A mint-flavored moderately sweet liqueur that comes in green or white.

CREME DE NOYAUX A liqueur made from fruit pits that possesses a bitter almond taste.

CREME YVETTE A very sweet, violet-flavored liqueur, made in the United States by Jacquin.

CUARENTE Y TRES A brandy based liquor from Spain containing 43 ingredients and a hint of vanilla. Also known as Licor 43.

CURAÇAO Generic term for liqueur made from the dried skins of small green bitter curaçao oranges. Curaçao may be blue, white, or orange in color. The taste is the same for all three.

DRAMBUIE A famous whiskey liqueur consisting of Highland malt scotch whiskey, heather honey, & herbs.

DRY A term applied to any form of wine or liqueur to denote a lack of sweetness. “Dry” champagne is, however, not as free of sugar as “brut”

EGG WHITE An egg white is an excellent way to put a head on a drink. It also cuts harshness and makes for a smoother taste. Always add the egg white before the liquor.

EZRA BROOKS A quality tennessee whiskey.

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