Cider (pronounced /ˈsaɪdər/) is a beverage made from apple juice. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic varieties are produced. Alcoholic beverages from cider are made from the fermented juice of apples and are known in the U.S. and Canada as hard cider, while non-alcoholic versions are known as apple cider. Alcoholic cider varies in alcohol content from less than 3% ABV in French cidre doux to 8.5% ABV or more in traditional English ciders.

Perry is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented pear juice. It is similar to cider, in that it is made using a similar process and often has a similar alcoholic content, up to 8.5% alcohol by volume. The term Pear Cider is sometimes used, and is considered equivalent to Perry by some industry bodies.
Perry has been common for centuries in Britain, particularly in the Three Counties of GloucestershireHerefordshire and Worcestershire, and in parts of south Wales; and France, especially Normandy and Anjou

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