# DUTCH GIN: also known as Holland’s, Genever and Schiedam Gin, is typically made from equal parts of malted barley, corn and rye. It has a slightly sweet, malty character and is generally full flavoured than dry Gin. There are two styles of Dutch Gin:
Oudo: means “Old”. It has a strong flavour from a higher proportion of barley.
Jonge: means “young”. It is light both in flavour and texture.

# DRY GIN: the preferred choice for most gin drinkers- is made primarily from corn with a small percentage of malted barley and other grains. It’s typically dry, aromatic and moderately light in flavour and body. Dry Gins made in England (where this style originated) commonly have a slightly higher alcohol content and are more flavourful than American made Gins.

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