Hospitality Books

61 Andrew Schwarz Contemporary Hotel Sales
62 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Cookies
63 Barbara Gruness Cookies
64 Barbara Grunes Cookies  Cook Book
65 Janice Murfitt Cooking at a Glance Biscuits & Cookies
66 Janice Murfitt Cooking at a Glance Pies & Pastries
67 Digvijaya Singh Cooking Delights of the Maharajas
68 Kate Fryer Cooking for Beginner
69 Madeline Western Ed. Cooking For Beginners
70 The Kitchen Collection Cooking Italian Style
71 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Cooking with Cheese
72 Robert Wemischner Cooking With Tea
73 Rohini Singh Ed., Cooking with the experts
74 Paul Morrison Cost Management
75 Philip Burnard Counseling Skills Training
76 G. Mauger Cours de Langue ed La Civilization Francaises
77 Helen Fitzgerald Cross – Cultural Communication
78 Joachim Romer Culinaria : European Specialties
79 Andree Domine Ed. Culinaria : France
80 Aniko Gergely Culinaria : Hungary
81 Clandia Piras Culinaria : Italy
82 Rosalind Mowe Ed. Culinaria : Southeast Asian Specialist
83 Marion Trutler Culinaria : Spain
84 Rosemary Parkinson Culinaria : The Caribbean
85 Randi Danfoth Culinaria : The United States
86 Andrew Dornenburg Culinary Artistry
87 The Kitchen Collection Curries & Spicy Dishes
88 Nita Mehta Dal Aur Roti
89 Turban, Efraim Decision Support System
90 The Kitchen Collection Delicious Home Bakes
91 Birchfield, John C. Design and Layout  of Food Service
92 Nita Mehta Desserts & Puddings
93 Krishan Mohan Developing Communication Skills
94 Josef Ransley  Ed. Developing Hospitality Properties and
95 Robert Harris Dictionary of Travel Tourism & Hospitality Terms
96 Nita Mehta Different ways with chaawal
97 Nita Mehta’s Dinner Menus : From around the world
98 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Divine Desserts
99 Faridi, Hamed & Fou Ed Dough Rheology & Baked Prod.
100 Hilary Mandleberg Dried Flowers
101 Fiona Beckett Eating & Drinking
102 A.M.Sheela Economics of Hotel Management
103 P.D.Sinha  Ed. Ecotourism and Mass Tourism
104 Y.P. Singh Ed. Effective Communication Management
105 Y.P.Singh Ed. Effective Food Service Management
106 Y.P.Singh  Ed. Effective Maintenance Management
107 Y.P. Singh Ed. Effective Service Management
108 Y.P. Singh Ed. Effective Supervisory Management
109 Y.P. Singh Ed. Effective Tourism Management
110 G.S. Rawat Elements of Hotel Accountancy
111 Janice Murfitt Encyclopedia of Cakes & Cake Decorating
112 Blumenthal S. Encyclopedia of Commercial Food.
113 Prakash ,R. Encyclopedia of General Knowledge & General Awareness
114 Shehzad Husain Encyclopedia of Indian Cooking
115 James Peterson Essentials of Cooking
116 Sue Rodwell Williams Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Theory
117 Lynn Van Der Wagen Event Management
118 Lynn Van Der Wagen Events Management For Tourist, Cul
119 The Kitchen Collection Everyday Family Meals
120 M.L. Kumar Everyday Guide For Managing Staff in Hotels  & Restaurants
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