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The operating equipment used in hotels / restaurants play an important role in attracting customers. The restaurant operating equipment include service equipment, furniture, fixtures and linen
all of which squarely reflects the standard and style of the restaurant. The atmosphere of a restaurant is largely affected by the kind of furniture used.

The furniture should be utilitarian and elegant to look at. Very often by using different materials, designs and finishes and by careful arrangement, one can change the atmosphere and appearance of the food service area to suit different occasions.

Elegant and attractive serviceware, colourful and clean dishes, quality plates and glassware add to the decor of a restaurant. However, several factors have to be considered while selecting the equipment.

· Standard of the restaurant
· Types of service
· Décor and theme of the restaurant
· Type of clientele
· Durability of equipment
· Ease of maintenance
· Availability when stocks runout for replacement
· Storage
· Flexibility of use
· Price factors
· Standardization

A hotel / restaurant should be well stocked with appropriate equipment to provide quality service. For multipurpose use and to cut down costs, most hotels / restaurants standardize equipment in terms of size and colour.


English supermodel Kate Moss’s left breast has been immortalised in a Champagne coupe designed by painter Lucian Freud’s daughter.
Taking Marie Antoinette as her inspiration, whose left breast was said to have served as the model for the first Champagne coupe in the late-18th century, British artist Jane McAdam Freud crafted the coupe from a mould of Moss’s left breast.
The glass has an elongated, slender stem, while the outside of the bowl features an intricate Art Deco-inspired pattern and the base bears the model’s signature.
“I was excited to participate in this project – what an honour to be alongside Marie Antoinette, she was a very intriguing and mischievous character,” Moss said.
“Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe,” she added.
McAdam Freud was commissioned by 34 Restaurant in London’s Mayfair to create the coupe in honour of Moss’s 40th birthday and to mark her 25-year milestone in the fashion business.
The second release of the Champagne house’s 1998 vintage will be paired to a “seasonal menu” created by 34’s head chef, Harvey Ayliffe.
The coupes will be in use at 34 and sister Caprice Holdings restaurants The Ivy, Daphne’s and Scott’s, all of which are owned by restaurateur Richard Caring.
Moss is no stranger to artistic collaborations – she posed for late painter Lucian Freud in 2003 while pregnant with her daughter Lila Grace.
Three years later Moss modelled for sculptor Marc Quinn on Sphinx, a life-sized sculpture of Moss in a yoga position with her hands and feet behind her head.
This is also not the first reinterpretation of the Marie Antoinette coupe. In 2008 Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with Dom Pérignon on a Champagne coupe inspired by his muse, Claudia Schiffer’s bosom.
Sold with bottles of 1995 Oenothèque, the coupes cost £2,123.


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Restaurant Equipments Presentation Transcript FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICES CLASSIFICATION OF RESTAURANT EQUIPMENTS FURNITURE TABLES CHAIRS SIDE BOARD BAR COUNTER FIXTURES PAINTINGS PELMETS CHANDELIERS LINEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. TABLE COVER 2. NAPPERON 3. CHAIR COVER 4. HOOD 5. BOW 6. NAPKINS CUTLERY & FLATWARE CUTLERY & FLATWARE CUTLERY & FLATWARE CUTLERY & FLATWARE CROCKERY CROCKERY HOLLOWARE CHAFFING DISHES TONGS SPECIAL EQUIPMENTS LOBSTER CRACKER LOBSTER PICK NUT CRACKER SNAIL TONGS SNAIL DISH ICE CREAM SCOOPS SKEWERS ASPARAGUS HOLDER CORN ON THE COB HOLDER GATEAU SLICE OYSTER FORK Champagne Chiller Ice Buckets with tong GLASSWARE Hi Ball Tom Collins Red Wine Glass White Wine Glass Water Goblet Shot Glass Cocktail / Martini Glass Beer Goblet Beer Mug Beer Tankard Pilsner Glass Brandy Goblet/Balloon/Snifter Champagne Saucer Champagne Tulip Champagne Flute Old Fashioned Roly Poly WINE GLASSES Machines & Other Equipments Ice Cube Making Machine Traulson Refrigerator Juicer Mixer Grinder 3 Sink Unit Dish Washer Plate Warmer/Hot Plate TROLLEYS Room Service Trolley Gueridon Trolley Cheese Trolley Dessert Trolley Carving Trolley Wine Trolley Liqueur Trolley Mobile Wine Bar


The spare linen store is the service area where linen
materials are stored in a cupboard. This spare linen stock is held
near the food service area in case of emergency. The linen is
changed when necessary on a basis of ‘one clean for one dirty’. This
is normally the responsibility of a senior member of the food service
staff and is kept locked for control purposes. Generally, 50% of the
total inventory is stocked up in the spare linen room.


The hotplate is the contact point between the kitchen and the
service staff. It is the point at which both areas must cooperate and
communicate effectively so that the customer gets the quick and
efficient service that he expects.
Hot cupboards can be used for either food or plates. Units as
a whole are usually made up of a hot cupboard with sliding doors,
topped by a heated serving surface. The top may also house
containers acting as dry or heated brain-maries. Dry heat keeps the
food hot by electric elements or gas flame. The wet heat method
provides heat via an open tank of water, which itself is heated by
gas-fired burners or by an electric immersion heater.

The hot plate or hot cupboard needs to be stocked with all
the china and crockery needed for service, e.g soup plates, fish
plates, consommé cups, platters, soup cups, tea cups and
The Aboyeur is in charge, and controls the hotplate over the
service period. As an aid to the food service staff the Aboyeur would
control the ‘off board’ which tells the waiter immediately any dish is
‘off’. The Aboyeur who controls the hotplate over the service period
will initially receive the food check from the waiter. He checks that it
is legible and that none of the dishes ordered are ‘off’ the menu.