Wine Facts
A proper wine glass should be large enough to contain a full serving without approaching being halfway filled. A glass of from ten to fourteen ounce capacity works well. This provides adequate space for both swirling without spilling and to gain the “chimney effect” that concentrates and directs the vapors that carry the wine’s smells. A glass of this size is also not so large as to be awkward or unwieldy.
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recognized a particular shape that is the accepted benchmark at all wine judging and competitions. It is also suitable for the average wine drinker as an all around, every day glass. It should be made of transparent, colorless glass with a lead content of up to 9%. Its dimensions are just under 6 inches (155 mm) tall, with a two inch (5 cm) tall stem and a four-inch (100 mm) tall bowl, about two and a half inches (65 mm) at its widest diameter and two inches (46 mm) across the rim.
One Acre of Land Averages: 
Five tons of grapes
13.51 barrels of wine
797 gallons of wine
3,958 bottles of wine
15,940 glasses of wine
ine 7 gallons of
One Barrel of Wine Contains: 
740 pounds of grapes
59 gallons of wine
24.6 cases of wine
295 bottles of wine
1,180 glasses of wine
One Case of Wine Contains:
30 pounds of grapes
307.2 ounces of wine
12 bottles of wine
48 glasses of wine
One Bottle of Wine Contains:
2.4 pounds of grapes
25.6ozs of wine
4 glasses of wine

One Glass of Wine Contains:
9.7ozs of grapes
6.4ozs of wine

International Toasts

Czech: Na Zdravi (Na zdrah vi) To Your Health
French: A Votre Sante! (Ah Vot-ruh Sahn-tay) To Your Health!
German: Prosit! (Proh-sit) ! Cheers
Greek: Stin Eyiassou! (Stin Eye-ee-yass-ooh) To Your Health!
Hebrew: L’Chaim! (Le Hy-em) To Life!
Hungarian: Le! Le! Le! Egeszsegere
(Lay Lay Lay Egg-eshAy-ged-reh)
Down! Down! Down! To your health!
Italian: Cin! Cin! (Chin Chin) Cheers!
Japanese: Kampai! (Kam-pie) To an empty glass!
Mandarin: Gan bei! (Gan Bay) To an empty glass!
Polish: Na zdrowie! (Naz-droh-vee-ay) To your health!
Portuguese: Saude (Sow-ooh-jee) Cheers!
Russian: Zdorovie (Zdo-ro-vee) To your health!
Serbo-Croat: Ziveli! (Zhi-vol-ee) To Life!
Spanish: Salud! (Sah-lud) To your health!
Swedish: Skal! (Skoll) Cheers!
Yiddish: Zei Gazunt! (Zye Gah-zoont) To your health

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