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TEAM COOKERYINDIA is putting efforts in bridging the gaps and bringing closer the associates of our fraternity i.e. The World of Hospitality by means of a platform called COOKERYINDIA.

We hope that this website fulfills a long felt-need and sense to provide students & concerned hospitality personnel not only with the factual knowledge required but also make others aware of hospitality, its sectors & growth in it.

The whole concept of the website is based on our research & administrative experience. Much of the information, ideas & knowledge incorporated have been acquired during our industry experience, training programs, seminars, research studies, consultancies & visits to many hotels, hospitality institutes, travel agencies etc.

The website has been exclusively designed for the students of Hotel Management, Hospitality Professionals dealing with various aspects of industry like Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Academics, Travel Agencies, Airlines & Customer Care.

We feel great pleasure in presenting COOKERYINDIA, first of its kind, incorporating information, facts, concepts, definitions, subject matter etc. Every effort has been made to make the website interactive and we will be glad to receive suggestions for further improvement.

COOKERYINDIA is simply a celebration of the oldest and the ever-growing industry “The Hospitality Industry”.


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