121 Jonathan Ray Everything you need to know about Wine 
122 Vimla Patle Exotic Curries of the orient 
123 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Fabulous Birthday Cakes 
124 The Kitchen Collection Feast Yourself Slim 
125 R.K.Malhotra Financial Management in the Hotel
126 Jan Castorina Flavour of Asia 
127 Purobi Babar Flavours of China 
128 Pomeranz, Yeshajahu Food  Analysis : Theory & Prac
129 Sareen, Sandeep Food  Preservation 
130 Jagmohan Negi Food & Beverage : Management Control & Cost 
131 Jagmohan Negi Food &Beverage :Management & Cost Control
132 Negi, Jagmohan Food & Beverage Costing 
133 Charles Levinson Food & Beverage Operation 
134 Anil Sagar Food & Beverage Service 
135 Sagar Anil& Gaur Deck Food & Beverage Service 
136 Sudhir Andrews Food & Beverage Service: Training manual
137 Marzia Magris Food & Beverage Studies 
138 Cousins, John Food and Beverage Management 
139 Levinson, Charles Food and Beverage Operation: Cost 
140 E.Dharmaraj Food and Hotel Legislation and Policies
141 Williams ,Toefor Food Environment & Health 
142 Vangarde, Shirley J. Food Preservation & Safety 
143 Ratna Kumari B. Food Problems in India 
144 Subbulakshmi Gandudipi Food Processing & Preservation 
145 B. Srilakshmi Food Science 
146 Potter Norman Nand Hotch Food Science 
147 Mirajkar, Mridula & M Food Science & Processing Tech 
148 Sethi, Mohini and Rao Food science- Experiments and App. 
149 R.K.Malhotra Food Service and Catering Management
150 Manish Ratti Food Service Management 
151 Peter Jones Food Service Operations
152 Marian C. spears Food Service Organizations 
153 Jane F. Eastham Food Supply Chain Management 
154 Myru Shackley Food Supply Chain Management 
155 Aylwood F Food Technology Processing Laboratory 
156 Jane Bowers Ed. Food Theory & Applications 
157 Margaret McWilliams Foods Experimental Perspectives 
158 Bill Marvin Foolproof Foodservice Selection System 
159 Larousse Francais Anglais
160 Larousse Français Anglaise-Eng-French-Dictionary 
161 Larousse French English – English French 
162 Francois Makowski French Made Easy 
163 Fiona Barnett Fresh & Dried Flowers 
164 Peter Abbott & Sue Lewry Front Office 
165 Peter Abbott Front Office 
166 Abbott, Peter Front Office : Procedures,Social 
167 B. K. Chakravarti Front Office Management in Hotel 
168 Michael L. Kasavana Front Office Procedures : Student Manual 
169 Bhatti, Sumanand Verma Fruit & Vegetable Processing Org. 
170 Mary Major Williams Ed. Fruit Desserts : Cooking for Today 
171 Moya Clarke Fruit Fandango 
172 Johnson, Webb & Alford Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry 
173 Sumati R. Mudambi Fundamentals of Food & Nutrition 
174 Mudambi, Sumat R & Rajagopal, Fundamentals of Food & Nutrition 
175 Toledo, Romeo T. Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering 
176 R.K. Malhotra Fundamentals of Hotel Management
177 Rakesh Mangal Fundamentals of Indian Cooking Theory & Practice 
178 Mcvety, Paul Fundamentals of Menu Planning 
179 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Glorious Cakes & Gateaux 
180 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Glorious Fruit Desserts 

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