1 Kenneth F. Kiple The Cambridge World History of Food 
2 William Moorcroft A Journey of Lake Mansarovara /
3 slimmers A slimmer’s Cook Book 
4 Vimla Patle Aahar : Food Treasures of India 
5 Garry Dick Accounting for Hospitality Industry 
6 Victor Bayley Adventure Theory Khyber 
7 Purobi Babar Amantrana 
8 Rockey Mohan Art of Indian Cuisine 
9 Oberio Group of Hotels Asian Menu Planner 
10 Sue Bishop Assertiveness  Skills Training 
11 Howells, Marion. Ed. Auguste Escotfiex Ma Cuisine 
12 Richard Humphrys Australian Wine :Styles and Tastes
13 Livredol’ etudiant Avotre Service I. 
14 Michael Jackson’s Bar and Cocktail Book 
15 Sharpe, Pamela J Barren’s How to prepare for Toffel test (with Cassette) 
16 Valerie Ferguson Best Ever Bread Burgers
17 Valerie Ferguson Best Ever Bread Cook Book 
18 Linda Doeser Best Ever Chinese & Asian 
19 Valerie Ferguson Best Ever Grills 
20 Valerie Ferguson Best Ever Vegetable Cook Book 
21 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Best of Greece 
22 Consultant Ed. Best of India 
23 Ferguson, Valerie Best of India 
24 Mathew Drennam Best of Ireland 
25 Valeries  Eerguson Best of Italy 
26 Masaki Ko Best of Japan 
27 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Best of Mexico 
28 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Best of Morocco 
29 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Best of Thailand 
30 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Best-Ever Barbecues 
31 Linda Doeser Best-Ever Chinese &Asian 
32 The Kitchen Collection Better Barbecues 
33 Vimla Patle Bharat Ki Pak Parampara 
34 W.R.Goyal Bon Voyage 
35 Anu Kshetrapal Breakfast : Non Vegetarian 
36 Nita Mehta Breakfast: Vegetarian Special 
37 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Breakfasts and Brunches 
38 H. Atkinson Business Accounting for Hospitality &Tourism 
39 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Cajun Cooking 
40 Boverley Jollands Cakes & Cakes Decorating 
41 Nita Mehta’s Cakes & Chocolates 
42 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Casseroles and Stews 
43 Jennene Plummer Casseroles Stews , Hotpots 
44 Jennene Plummer Casseroles: Stews, Hotpots & Hearty Soups 
45 Dewan JM Catering & Food Service Mang. 
46 Mohini Sethi Catering Management 
47 Gary K. Vallen Check-in Check-out 
48 Cheke , V. Cheese & Butter 
49 Richardson, Tand F., ed Chemical Changes in Food during Processing
50 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Chilli Cookbook 
51 Nita Mehta Chinese Cookery 
52 Christine France Chocolate Dreams 
53 Valeric Ferguson Ed. Chocolate Heaven 
54 Rajshri Chutney, Sausages Pickles 
55 Thomas Kelly Cocktails 
56 Amanda O’ Neill Cocktails 
57 Mary Banks Coffee : A Gourmets Guide 
58 Lynn Van Der Wagen Communication in Tourism & Hospitality
59 Hamlyn Complete Italian Cooking 
60 Beth El. Compliments of the Chef 

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