Canadian blended whisky

Alberta Distillers, Calgary (independent)
Alberta Premium
Alberta Premium 25 Years Old
Alberta Springs Rye Whisky 10 Years Old
Alberta Springs Rye Whisky 25 Years Old
Tangle Ridge Aged 10 Years
Allied Domecq
McGuinness Silk Tassel
Barton Brands
Barton’s Canadian 36 Months Old
Canadian Host
Canadian Supreme
Corby’s Canadian 36 Months Old
Northern Lights
Canadian Mist Distillers, Collingwood, Ontario (Brown-Forman)
Canadian Mist
Century Distilling, Vancouver
Century Reserve 8 Year Old
Century Reserve 13 Year Old
Century Reserve 15 Year Old
Century Reserve 21 Year Old
Corby Distilleries, Toronto (Allied)
Gooderham & Worts Ltd
Lot No. 40
Pike Creek
Royal Reserve
Royal Reserve Gold
Crown Royal
Crown Royal Limited Edition
Crown Royal Special Reserve
Crown Royal XR
Crown Royal Cask 16
Seagram’s 83 Canadian Whisky
Seagram’s Five Star Rye Whisky
Seagram’s Seven Crown
Seagram’s VO
Seagram’s VO Gold
Highwood Distillery, High River, Alberta
Centennial 10 Year Old Rye Whisky
Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky
Saskatchewan Wheatland Rye Whisky
Hiram Walker (Allied)
Canadian Club Premium
Canadian Club Sherry Cask Aged Eight Years
Canadian Club Reserve 10 Years of Age
Canadian Club Premium Classic Aged 12 Years
Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky
Wiser’s Deluxe
Wiser’s Deluxe 10 Years Old
Wiser’s Very Old
Wiser’s Special Blend
Wiser’s Reserve
Wiser’s Small Batch
Rich & Rare
Hood River Distillers
Kittling Ridge (independent)
Forty Creek Barrel Select
Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve
Forty Creek Small Batch Reserve
Forty Creek Three Grain
Mountain Rock
Pure Gold
Maple Leaf Distillers, Winnipeg
Canadian Cellars Rye Whisky
Schenley Industries (Barton)
Black Velvet DeLuxe
Gibson’s Finest Aged 12 Years
Gibson’s Finest Rare Aged 18 Years
Gibson’s Finest Sterling Edition
Schenley Golden Wedding
Schenley OFC Aged 8 Years
Williams & Churchill Ltd., Quebec/Alberta
Danfield’s Small Batch Private Reserve
Danfield’s Small Batch 21 Years Old
Windsor Distillary
Windsor Canadian

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