Pleasing and g ood breakfast service is important because
guests are not always at their best in the morning. Foods served for
breakfast must be palatable, freshly prepared and served at correct
temperature. Often breakfast should be served in courses unless it is
requested by the client as a whole. Cooked food and beverages
should be brought to the guests directly from the serving station and
under no circumstances food be allowed to remain on the serving
stand to cool off while the customer finishes a preceding course.
Order of Service for Breakfast
· When fresh fruit or fuit juice is ordered, it is desirable to serve
it first, and then to remove the soiled dishes before placing
the toast and coffee.
· When customers order a combination of cooked fruit, toast
and coffee, they may ask to have the whole order be
served in one go. Place the fruit dish, set on an underliner.
In the centre of the cover, place the plate of toast at the left
of the forks and the coffee at the right of the teaspoons.
· When the breakfast order includes cereal and a hot dish, the
service procedure may be as follows:
o Place the fruit course in the center of the cover.
o Remove the soiled fruit dish
o Place the cereal bowl, set an underliner, in the
center of the cover. Cut the individual boxes of
cereal partway through the side near the top so
that the guest may open them easily.
o Remove the soiled cereal dish
o Place the breakfast plates of eggs, meat or other
hot food in the center of the cover. Place the plate
of toast at the left of the forks. Place the coffee
service at the right of the spoons.
o Remove the breakfast and bread plates.
o Place the finger bowl with a slice of lime or lemon,
one third full of warm water. At times the finger
bowl is placed after the fruit course when fruits
that may soil the finger have been served.

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