For a continental breakfast consisting of hot croissant/
brioches or hot toast, butter, preserves and coffee or tea, the cover
would be as follows:
i) Stands or underplates for coffee / tea pot and hot milk /
hot water jug or pouches of tea or instant coffee.
ii) Side plate with side knife
iii) Sugar cubes basin and tongs or individual sugar and
creamer packets in a bowl
iv) Tea or breakfast cup and saucer and a teaspoon
v) If the beverage is tea, then the following additional items
will be needed: slop basin and tea strainer.
vi) Napkin
vii) Ashtray (depending on smoking policy of the

The majority of the items listed above for the two types of
breakfast are often placed on the table as part of the mise-en-place,
before the customer is seated. A number of items are then placed on
the table after the customer is seated and makes his choice of
breakfast known. These include:
• butter dish with butter and alternatives
• preserve dish with preserves
• jug of cold milk
• toast rack with toast and / or bread basket with hot rolls
• tea pot / coffee pot / hot or cold milk / hot water jug.

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