Indian Breakfast

An Indian breakfast varies from region to region and is mostly
vegetarian. In East India (Orissa, Bengal) the most popular breakfast
are Idly, Bara, Puri and Upma. These are served with Ghuguni (Peas
curry) or potato curry and also sweets like Rasogula, chenapoda etc.
In South India, the most popular breakfast is an assortment with
several possible main dishes, such as idlis, vadas, dosas and
chapatis. These are most often served with hot sambar and one or
two kinds of chutney items in Tamil Nadu.
The usual North Indian breakfast consists of stuffed paratha
breads or unstuffed parathas (they resemble oily milee crepes) with
fresh butter, cooked spicy vegetables especially aloo sabzi. Popular
accompaniments include sweets like jalebi, halwa, and sweetened
milk. In Maharashtra, Poha, Upma or Shira (similar to Kesaribath)
is frequently eaten for breakfast. In urban areas, omlettes and simple
butter sandwiches are becoming a popular breakfast food.

Juice Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Grapes, Tomato
Fruit Salad Fresh, seasonal fruit accompanied with
yoghurt or honey
Sweet dishs Rava Kesari, Basmati rice, sweet porridge,
jalebi, halwa, and sweetened milk.
Boiled egg, omlette, scrambled eggs on white
or whole meal bread toast served with
crumbled homemade paneer cheese &
chopped spinach.
Breads Toast or plain white / brown breads, butter
breakfast items
Idlis, vadas, dosas and chapatis served with
sambar and chutneys.
Bara,Puri and Upma, Pongal, Poha, or Shira
(similar to Kesaribath)
Stuffed paratha breads or unstuffed parathas
with cooked spicy vegetables especially aloo
Beverages Tea, coffee or hot beverages like Bournvita,
Milo, Horlicks, Ovaltine

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