The guest should never be kept waiting for his check. It
should be presented either immediately after the last course has

been served or as soon as he has finished eating. A check cover
should be used to transport the bill to and from the table. The cover
should be placed to the right of the host. If the host is not known, the
check should be placed at the center of the table. It is always a
courteous practice to ask if any other services are desired. It is very
discourteous to indicate in any way that a tip is expected or that any
certain amount is anticipated even if the customer asks (This
happens to me a lot.) Never show any disappointment because the
tip is less than what is customarily received. Always thank the
customer for any gratuity with sincerity.
Guests should be shown small courtesies when departing; for
example, a server may draw out the chair for a female guest and
assist her with her coat etc… The server should express his goodbye
sincerely and welcome the guest to return. The idea is to make
the guest feel completely welcome. Try to change up your good-bye
from time to time as well. Other customers in the room will get sick of
hearing you repeat the same thing to all departing customers, and
when it comes there time to leave, they will leave with the feeling,
that they were just part of another process.
When guests ask for check, Captains should inquire as to the
satisfaction of the guests. Mignardises and check are then delivered
to table.

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