1. Hostess or Maitre d’ seats and welcomes guests
2. Front waiter lights the candle and offers mineral or
served water. If mineral water is sold, silver coaster is
placed on table under water bottle.
3. Captain asks for cocktails and gives the wine list. He will
serve cocktails and leave the list on the table, if the guest
are a couple, the Captain will point out wine by the glass
or half bottles wine selections.
4. Back server delivers and explains the amuse, after
cocktails are served.
5. Front server clears Amuse and Maitre d’ or Captain
presents the menu and explains the specials.
6. Sonmuna’ or Captain takes the wine order, pours and
explains each selection. Captain waiter continues to offer
7. Maitre d’ takes order and gives service copy the Front
waiter, who proceeds to remove base plates and give
proper mis en place for up to two “2 courses.” Front
waiter is to keep service copy slips on his person at all
8. Brioche and butter service is done by the Back waiter will
maintaining the clearing and replacing of napkins.

9. First course and brioche refills are delivered by the
Runner to the Front server on the floor, who then serves
them. Pepper is to be offered on all salad dishes.
10. First course are cleared by the back waiter, and mis en
place is rechecked by front waiter.
11. Runner is to correctly number the domes, and entrees
are to be served with assistance of the Back waiter. Back
water is to know position # 1 on all the tables in his
12. Back waiter clears table after main course and crumbs
the table. Coffee order is taken, cheese selection is
explained and the desert, cognac, port, sherry menu is
13. Front waiter takes dessert order and gives proper mis en.
14. Back waiter delivers desserts and coffee.
15. Captain brings over cart and offers cognacs, ports, or

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