Management invests substantial amount in supplies and
equipment. Service staffs are, therefore, expected that these
equipment are handled gently and carefully. Staff should be
sanitation and safety conscious. Equipment should be handled in the
right spot stemmed glass by the stem, tumblers by the base, flatware
by the handle. Bowls should never be held by the rim, use
appropriate underliners. The thumb should never show on the plate.
When setting up cutleries, as well as glasswares, avoid leaving
finger marks by using trays or by securing them inside a cloth
To prevent breakage, be conscious of the rules of
equipment handling. Breakages are usually caused by the following
1. Mechanical Impact — results from object-to-object
collision. This is induced by stacking of glasswares and
chinawares, picking of glasses in bouquet, overloading of
buspans and trays, putting cutleries inside glasses.
2. Thermal Shock — result of sudden change of
temperature. This happens when hot water is placed
inside a chilled / cold glass and vice versa, abrupt use of
glasswares after coming of the dishwashing machines,
heating chilled bowl in a microwave.

3. Improper Handling and Misuse of Equipment — using
the equipment for a purpose it was not intended for such
as using a glass to scoop ice, using knives for opening
cans, etc.
4. Inattentiveness or Absent-mindedness — accidents
often occur when service personnel are absent-minded or
are inattentive in executing services especially when they
are carrying breakable equipment.
5. Environmental Factors – greasy / wet floor, slippery
floor, broken tiles, blind doors.

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