The size and shape of tables depends entirely on the
availability of space and the kind of service envisaged. Normally
three types of tables are used. They are round, rectangular and

The height of the table irrespective of the shape should be 75
cm from the floor level. The diameter of a round table to seat four
people should be approximately 92 cm. The size of a square table to
seat two people should 76 cm sq and 92 cm square to seat four
people. The size of rectangular table to seat four people should be
137 cm x 76 cm. Commercial table tops come in a variety of
materials: wood, metal, stone, tile and melamine. Many restaurant
table tops are available with edged finishes to prevent scuffs and
In some expensive tables, another table top is placed with
revolving facility, on top of which the food is placed where th guests
can rotate revolving top and serve himself, if he chooses to.

Chair are available in various shapes, colours and sizes to
suit all occasions. Because of the wide ranges of style, chairs come
in varied height and width. However the dimension of chairs should
be relative to table dimensions. The average height of the chair
should be 92 cm. The seat should be 46 cm from the floor and 23 cm
from the top of the table. This would enable guests to sit and eat
comfortably, without their legs touching the underside of the table.

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