i) Forgetting to great the arriving customer pleasantly.
ii) Letting guests seat themselves, inspite of being present near
the table and not otherwise engaged.
iii) Refusing to assist a guest or seating a guest at a dirty table.
iv) Serving from the wrong side, when it is possible to serve from
the correct side
v) Not setting tables properly and placing empty sugar bowls /
cruet sets on the table.
vi) Forgetting to say ‘Pardon me’, or ‘Excuse me, sir / madam, if a
mistake has been made.
vii) Being too familiar with guests. This could lead to embarrassing
viii) Gathering in groups in operational areas and talking loudly and
showing signs of irritability with other members of the staff.
ix) Leaving fingerprints on crockery / glassware or making a noise
by clattering the service equipment.
x) Keeping the side station dirty or using torn or stained linen.
xi) Forgetting a dish that has been ordered, or serving wrong
xii) Overfilling water glasses or leaving them empty or leaving dirty
ashtrays on an occupied table.
xiii) Being inattentive to a guest’s needs, for example, forgetting
special instructions from the guest, such as less chillies or no
onions in the food

xiv) Using cold plates for hot food and hot plates for cold food.
xv) Touching food with one’s hands.
xvi) Not following the rules of quality waiting at table.
xvii) Soliciting tips or questioning the amount of tips.

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