A successful restaurant is one which the guests are anxious
to visit again, a place where they feel as comfortable as in their own
homes. This pleasant atmosphere is produced by courtesy; good
well-cooked food; advice in selecting from the available dishes; a
knowledge of how they are prepared; and quiet, efficient, but
unostentatious, service. It is by these amenities that both buyer and
seller are satisfied and goodwill of the business increased. At the
end of the visit the customer is made to feel that he got his money’s
worth in terms of both quality food and courteous service.
Good waiters are necessary to the success and development
of the hotel and catering industry. Waiters play an important part as,
in effect, an efficient salesman of food, one who assists materially in
merchandising and its accompanying services. Waiter is in direct
contact with the guests and therefore much of catering
establishment’s success depends on the skills, interest and
personable qualities of the waiter. The waiters are prompted to
develop tact and initiative and by keeping their brains active and
reveal their personality.

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