The following are the various designations with their job
specifications in the food and beverage department.
i) Senior Captain or Maitre d’ Hotel
The senior captain has overall responsibility for operations.
He prepares the duty charts in consultation with the outlet
manager. He oversees the Mise-en-place, cleaning, setting
up of the outlet and staffing to ensure that the outlet is always
ready for service. The senior captain receives the guests and
hands them over to the captain or station holder. He takes
orders from guests if the captain is unable to do so. The
senior captain should be an able organiser and also be
prepared to take over the duties of any member of the staff
as and when required.
ii) Reception Head Waiter
This staff member is responsible for accepting any booking
and for keeping the booking diary up-to-date. He / she will
reserve tables and allocate these reservations to particular
stations. The reception head waiter greets guests on arrival
and takes them to the table and seats them.
iii) Captain / Chef de Rang
This position exists in large restaurants, as well as in the food
and beverage service department of all major hotels. The
captain is basically a supervisor and is in charge of a
particular section. A restaurant may be divided into sections
called Sations, each consisting of 4 to 5 tables or 20 to 24
covers. A captain is responsible for the efficient performance
of the staff in his station. A captain should possess a sound
knowledge of food and beverage, and be able to discuss the
menu with the guests. He should be able to take a guest’s
order and be an efficient salesperson. Specialised service
such as gueridon work involves a certain degree of skill, and
it is the captain who usually takes the responsibility to do this
iv) Waiters / Commis de Rang / Server
The waiters serve the food and beverage ordered by a guest
and is part of a team under a station captain. They should be
able to perform the duties of a captain to a certain extent and
be a substitute for the captain if he is busy or not on duty.
They should; also be knowledgeable about all types of food
and beverages, so that they can effectively take an order
from a guest, execute the order and serve the correct dish
with its appropriate garnish and accompaniment. They should
be able to efficiently coordinate with the other staff in the

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