ORANGE FLOWER WATER A light, non-alcoholic preparation based on the oil of orange blossoms, used as a flavoring in drinks.

ORGEAT A syrup with a pronounced almond flavor.

OUZO an anise flavored liqueur of Greece, usually served on the rocks. Also an Absinthe substitute.

PARFAIT AMOUR Cordial made of citron, cinnamon, coriander, and brandy.

PASSION FRUIT A liqueur made in Hawaii from peaches or mangos.

PEANUT LOLITA A liqueur made from peanuts.

PEAR LIQUEUR A Hungarian made liqueur, some even have a pear in the bottle.

PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS A mint flavored liqueur similar to creme de menthe, but lighter bodied and less sweet.

PERNOD A famous French anise-flavored liqueur and Absinthe substitute.

PERRIER A highly effervescent bottled water that the French use in highballs instead of club soda. It has a sharp edge that works well as a counterpoint to the stickiness of fruit juices. Highly popular on this side of the Atlantic, Perrier can be taken alone or with lime juice.

PETER HEERING A famous, deep red, cherry-flavored liqueur made in Denmark, formerly known as Cherry Heering.

PEYCHOUD’S BITTERS Made in louisiana from an old closely guarded french family recipe. It is a pungent anise flavored bitter.

PICK-ME-UP Any concoction designed to allay the effects of overindulgence in alcaholic beverages.

PIMM’S CUP A Pimm’s No. 1 is a liqueur-style prepackaged preperation with a gin base. Pimm’s No. 2 has a whiskey base, while No. 3 is a rum base and No. 4 a brandy base.

POUSSE-CAFE A sweet, multilayered after-dinner drink. Success in making it depends upon keeping each layer seperate and distinct from the others-a neat trick. The secret is knowing the relative heaviness of of the various liquids that make up the Pousse-cafe.

PRALINES A New Orleans liqueur that recreates the butter pecan/brown sugar/vanilla flavor of the traditional praline candy

PROOF The measure of the strength of the alcohol. one degree of proof equals one-half of one percent of alcohol. I.E., 80 proof is 40% alcohol.

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