of their liqueurs. Where such chemical concentrates are used, the law stipulates that the liqueur must be designated on the label as “artificial”, or “imitation”. One line of liqueurs still manufactured entirely by natural process is France’s Marie Brizard, Bols of Holland (which makes superb triple-sec, and curaçao), and the original Amaretto di Saronne.

LIQUOR Alcoholic beverage most often distilled, rather than fermented.

LONDON DRY GIN The type of clear dry gin popular in Britain and the United States, highly suited to mixing drinks in general and martinis in particular.

LOW BALL A short drink consisting of spirits served with ice alone, or with water or soda in a short glass. Also known as an on-the-rocks or old-fashioned.

MALIBU A jamaican coconut flavored rum liqueur.

MANDERINE NAPOLEAN A liqueur made from manderine orange flavored cognac.

MARASCHINO A very sweet white cherry liqueur made from the marasca cherry of dalmatia, Yugoslavia. This liqueur is sometimes used in sours in place of sugar.

MARIE BRIZARD French producer of high quality liqueurs.

METAXA A strong, sharp-tasting, aromatic Greek brandy.

MIDORI MELON LIQUEUR A pale green liqueur of Japaneese origin that tastes of fresh muskmelon or cantaloupe.

MIST A glass packed with crushed ice to which spirits are added, usually straight.

MULL A warm drink containing wine, sugar, spices, and possibly a liquor. Also a verb meaning to warm, spice, and sweeten, a technique that is applied to both wine and ale.

MYER’S RUM A famous line of high-quality dark Jamaican rums.

NAPOLEAN BRANDY The term is related to age and usually means a cognac that is at least 5 years old.

NEAT A straight shot of any spirit taken in a single gulp, usually without any accompaniment, also called a shooter.

NOILLY PRAT An excellent and well known brand of French dry vermouth that is perfectly suited to the making of dry martinis.

ORANGE BITTERS Made from the dried peel of the bitter Seville oranges, orange bitters are less aromatic and fruitier then the more popular and sophisticated Angostura bitters.

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