Armagnac:  Armagnac is made from grapes of the Armagnac region in Southwest of France. It is single-continuous distilled in a copper still and aged in oaken casks from Gascony or Limousin. Armagnac was the first distilled spirit in France. Armagnacs have a specificity: they offer vintage qualities. Popular brands are DarrozeBaron de SigognacLarressingleDelordLaubadeGélas and Janneau.
American Brandy: American grape brandy is almost always from California. Popular brands include Christian Brothers, Coronet, E&J, KorbelPaul Masson and J. Bavet.
Brandy de Jerez: Brandy de Jerez is a brandy that originates from vineyards around Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain. It is used in some sherries and is also available as a separate product.    

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